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"Eu le arăt copiilor păianjenii cei mici."

Translation:I show the children the small spiders.

September 1, 2017



"i show the small spiders to the children" should be accepted


What does cei mean here?


apparently an idiomatic expression conveying that we would recognize those spiders by their smallness, and that they do not just happen to be small among other things.

But does this mean, that with "cei" we can then use the definite article -ii without having introduced those spiders in a previous sentence?

Like in English "I show him these (famous) little spiders"?


I don't know if this helps, but you could think of "păianjenii cei mici" as "the spiders that are small." So, you don't show the children the big spiders because you don't want to frighten them.


I was thinking more: I show them the spiders, the small ones. It could be great if one native speaker gives their opinion.

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