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When does language learning become an obsession?

I have been counting, but I think I've checked about twenty times today to see if the Czech course had launched. You can see above that I clearly do not NEED to add another language course to my repertoire. And yet, I keep checking. (Since its after business hours on a holiday weekend, it seems that Duo didn't meet the target they set for themselves after nueby and the team handed off to them.)

I think maybe I need to start a "Lingoholics Anonymous" club.

Happy weekend everyone.

September 1, 2017



Good, I'm not the only one who keeps checking to see if the Czech course is out. I have other, non-language learning things to do, I really do...

To answer your question, probably when you start to actually read foreign language dictionaries, page by page. Not that I've every did that, of course...


I was doing the exact same thing on August 21, since I discovered Duolingo, I saw that Czech was on 45~49%, and I got obsessed with that course, I'm checking the Incubator page like 5 times in an hour, cause that's my favorite language, If you are also interested in Czech Culture, you can listen to these Classical Czech Music Masterpieces here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRvrUUqd3hE


Yep, another language learning addict right here.


Yep, you sure do have a good start there.


I always make sure to practice every day one day i got quite pissed off because my friends came to visit the entire day and they would not leave me alone to practice for a few minutes


Lol. I've been doing the same thing even though I've told myself I'm not going to start learning it until after I complete the French and Italian trees (I wasn't going to start the Italian tree until after I finished the French tree, see how well that worked out?) I also have this like...compulsion to continue learning. Every day whenever I have time I try to do more French. So yeah I think you might call it an obsession lol.


hahahha then there's me with my 6 day streak (been doing this for years...that's a record guys) Good job to all of you guys! :D


The staff has previously decided against launching a course on Friday in case there will be some problems, and that tradition has been going on for almost three years so I wouldn't hold my breath on any Friday (or Saturday or Sunday). Of course, that doesn't mean there will never again be another Friday release so maybe that information wouldn't have helped the anxiety too much, especially considering the previous weekend release was actually English for Czech.


I can't argue with their reasoning on that one. (She says, checking again to see if the course happens to have quietly slipped into beta.)


When does language learning become an obsession? When you wonder when language learning is becoming an obsession. .(Clue: Do you constantly check if you still have your streak? Lost my streak a while back and relaxed a bit but....)


Count me in. I would do the same as you if I had access to a browser on my phone.


I can stop anytime I want. And right now I don't want to.


Teehee, have sum lingutz ;-D


Almost four years straight! Excellent!


How do you get a 1445 day streak? I mean that is a lot!


Been here since '13 with a short break. :)


So you have been here since practically the beginning


There is just one obsession inside us, bigger or smaller, then it finds ways to reveal itself in the outer world. Better learning languages then getting crazy about always eating the rightest and the greenest food. :)


I have just started this obsession/hobby im addicted but its a good thing im learning im 17

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