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I am having trouble with French. Is there any other way I can learn it better?

I need like major help PLEASE!!

September 1, 2017



Cartoons are also a great option! One, because they are designed for children, which is basically what we are as new learners of the language. The vocabulary is simpler and easier to follow than that in movies, thus it's easier to pick out words that you actually understand. Two, cartoons are always fun to watch! Also music! There are some pretty awesome French artistes out there ;-) Audio is a great tool in helping to perfect pronunciation, and also getting your ears used to their foreign accent. The more audio you listen to, the easier it becomes to follow the language, as you begin to expect a certain sound for a certain word. If essentially, your problem is with calling the words, you can study by memorizing the specific sounds of the letter combinations. Like "ou" is pronounced like the end of "moo", "oi" is pronounced "wah", "au/aux/eu/eau/eaux" is pronounced "oh", "ier" is pronounced "i-ay" and so on. All the best in your language endeavours!

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    I don't think i'll be adding anything more than what S._Brown and lolp3633 said, but try to immerse yourself in the culture a bit more. The one thing I regret not doing more of is talking, I don't have the confidence to talk french, and understanding a native speaker always intimidates me even though I understand a fair amount of French.


    what way are you learning now that is posing a problem for you?


    watching French movies helps a LOT with that. I recommend Les Choristes (about a French choir of boys...really good!) or changing the language settings on your favorite netflix show. For example, I watch Miraculous in French. That's like a kids show but it's really good haha :) You'll be thinking and talking with a French accent for a few minutes after because it's on your mind so much btw


    Wow.....that's...that's actually pretty good advice! THANK YOU SO MUCH BESTIE!


    Totally agree with this. Movies are awesome for pronunciation. Any kind of immersion in the language for a significant time can be super helpful. I used to have a Parisian accent from learning French at school. After going to Quebec I am started to get the hang of switching accents. Favorite french movie: Le Papillon. Highly recommend it!!!


    Here is a link FULL of resources and tips to help you get better at French: http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/Ultimate%20French%20Resources Including immersion with listening, speaking, writing, music etc.

    Good luck!


    if your parent speak french ask them speak only french to you , and you only answer them back in french , this should make you more fluent in speaking and having more vocabulary .


    Learn firstly esperanto, than after a few months You will learn french much more quickly.


    This is the international language, the most simple language and additionaly the most clear. If You learn it, You will learn much more quickly other languages. Learn it at duolingo, memrise, lingq in 2-3 monthes You will able to speak, read and write in 1,5 year completely fluently. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanto https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propaedeutic_value_of_Esperanto


    Watch documentaries on Youtube. Listen to Youtubers. You don't need to understand everything to learn.

    A major part of learning a language is learning the melody and the basic sound groups. You aqcuire this naturally by listening without understanding.

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