"Eu dau cartea celui mai deștept copil."

Translation:I give the book to the smartest child.

September 1, 2017

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Why don't we need the 'ii' in front of 'dau' ?


That's what I'd like to know as well.


I think it could be both, genitiv ( of the) or dativ (to the). The context will be important


How do I say: "I give the book of the smartest child?" Move cartea to the end of the sentence?


If you move "cartea" to the end of the sentence ("Eu îi dau celui mai deștept copil cartea."), then we don't really know whose book it is, just that you give that particular book to the smartest child.

The original sentence is ambiguous because you could be giving the book of the smartest child to someone else.


Why celui de al doilea but celui mai deștept ?
When is de used? Could it be
celui al doilea or celui de mai deștept ?


Seems, like "de" is used when we are talking of the number of objects. I am not a native speaker, but seems like this is only time it was used in the previous lessons.


I feel like "Alice in limbă română Wonderland"... Not native English speaker, all those English literature terms are far beyond my comprehension... :'-(

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