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Gender neutral word for Aunt and Uncle?

I had a friend ask me if there was a gender neutral word for aunt or uncle. I couldn't think of one. So, is there a word for that in any language you know?

September 1, 2017



"Parent's sibling?" "Random unrelated person my parents know that we address as a family member?"

It's an interesting point, I think family connections have been slow to get appropriate words as we tend to know the person, so know how they like to be addressed?

I must admit I can still remember the first time I called (on the phone) someone I'd never spoken with before with the horrific "Mx" I had no idea how I was supposed to pronounce it and didn't want to offend. Glad to say my "muks" went down swell :)


Many English speaking non-binary people use terms like ankle, auncle, bibi, entle, and untie!

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