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Guess the Language!

The game is simple... just guess the languages!

Here is the link to the video where you will be playing this game:


Once you're done with the game, write your score in the comments. Which ones did you get right and which ones did you get wrong. Tell me what you think about this game. Have fun!

September 2, 2017



I would tell you the languages that I got right, and the ones that I got wrong, but it would contain spoilers (and would not be fair to people who have not played this game yet), so instead, I'll make a list: 1.-Right 2.-Wrong 3.-Wrong 4.-Right 5.-Wrong 6. -Right 7.-Right 8.-Wrong 9.-Wrong 10.-Right 11.-Right 12.-Wrong 13.-Right 14.-Right 15.-Wrong 16.-Right 17.-Wrong 18.-Wrong

Overall, 9/18


My answers :

  1. Sounded Indian.
  2. Hade no idea, and I never would've guessed answer.
  3. I guessed Romanian because it sounded like a Slavic-ish Romance language.
  4. Mandarin, Cantonese, or Taiwanese ( not Hokkien ), wasn't too sure which one.
  5. I answered with Dutch... boy was I completely wrong...
  6. English, it's my mother-tongue, how could I not know?
  7. Quickly thought French.
  8. Spanish, yet again I was wrong.
  9. Sounded Asian, I was sort of right, but not by much.
  10. I immediately knew it was German, no mistake.
  11. Now this is Spanish
  12. I couldn't decide between Japanese or Korean... so I guess I was half right?
  13. Guessed Chinese ( no variation specifically ), am I right or wrong?
  14. I guessed Polish, since to me, Polish sounds like Russian but much softer.
  15. Now this is Dutch.
  16. And now this, is Korean.
  17. Swedish, Swedish intonation is quite recognizable.
  18. Sounded middle-eastern.

My results :

9 correct, 6 sort of correct, and 3 completely wrong

[deactivated user]

    These were my results: 1 - Right; 2 - Right; 3 - Right; 4 - Right; 5 - Right; 6 - Right; 7 - Right; 8 - Right; 9 - Right; 10 - Right; 11 - Right; 12 - Right; 13 - Wrong; 14 - Right; 15 - Right; 16 - Right; 17 - Right; 18 - Right.

    Score - 16,5/18

    Number 9 - I got to see the answer before I made up my mind but I was thinking about that general area and language so I think I deserve half a point! =D

    Number 13 - I first thought it was Thai and then Vietnamese. I completely forgot about that possibility.

    The game was fun and I like playing similiar games such as: https://greatlanguagegame.com. That's why I dind't think it was too difficult. Thanks for the link.


    I play the great language game too! :D


    Cool! I got only 8 right, but that was quite interesting! It was also cool to hear the similarities between languages, especially when spoken in neighboring countries. Thank you.


    I would also like to point out that this would be a great idea for a party game or if your just hanging out with friends and you guys decided to play a game I would suggest this would be an interesting and fun game!



    I failed to identify Swahili (if only there were a popular language-learning website on which I could hear Swahili!), Armenian (I've only one book which I casually perused a long time ago but never studied) and Korean (only just started; still not at all used to the sound).


    Let's see...

    1. Guess = Arabic, Answer = Hindi

    2. Guess = Japanese, Answer = Swahili

    3. Guess = Italian, Answer = Romanian

    4. Guess = Chinese Mandarin, Answer = Correct!

    5. Guess = Irish, Answer = Correct!

    6. Guess = English, Answer = Obviously correct!

    7. Guess = French, Answer = Correct!

    8. Guess = Greek, Answer = Correct!

    9. Guess = Swedish, Answer = Armenian

    10. Guess = German, Answer = Correct (Easy)

    11. Guess = Spanish, Answer = Correct!

    12. Guess = Hebrew, Answer = Japanese

    13. Guess = Cantonese, Answer = Correct

    14. Guess = Arabic, Answer = Polish

    15. Guess = Dutch, Answer = Correct

    16. Guess = Arabic, Answer = Korean

    17. Guess = Swedish, Answer = Correct

    18. Guess = Norwegian, Answer = Arabic

    So 10/18

    [deactivated user]


      1-wrong. 2-wrong. 3-wrong. 4-wrong. 5-wrong. 6-right(motherlanguage). 7-right. 8-wrong. 9-wrong. 10-right. 11-right. 12-wrong. 13-wrong. 14-right. 15-right. 16-wrong. 17-wrong. 18-right.



      I love games like these! Though I think I would've done a lot better if it were with test than speech haha. The only ones I got right were English, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Cantonese, Swedish, and Japanese, so only 7

      1. wrong (my gut was right, but then I changed my answer at the last second. Darn!)
      2. wrong
      3. right
      4. right
      5. wrong
      6. right
      7. right
      8. wrong
      9. wrong
      10. right
      11. right
      12. right
      13. right
      14. wrong
      15. wrong
      16. right
      17. right
      18. wrong (I’ve looked at this word so long, it doesn’t even look like it’s spelled right anymore.)



      Got 13 answers right. Loved the game :-D

      1. "Some language from India or some Semitic non-Hebrew non-Araibc, let's say Hindi." = Hindi.
      2. "What? Portuguese? Noo. Arabic? Nooo. Japanese? Noooooo.?" [End time]. = Swahili.
      3. "Romanian". = Romanian.
      4. "Mandarin" = Mandarin.
      5. "It sounds like English, but it is not Dutch." [End time]. = Irish.
      6. "English" = English.
      7. "French" = French.
      8. "Indonesian? Tagalog? I have no idea." = Greek. "It was obvious, now you say it."
      9. "Some language from India? Tamil? Something from Russia?" [End time]. = Armenian.
      10. "German". = German.
      11. "Spanish. Puerto Rican accent adapted to TV news?" = Spanish.
      12. "Japanese, but I can't understand any word". = Japanese.
      13. "If Mandarin already appeared, let's say Cantonese". = Cantonese
      14. "Portuguese? No. It is a Slavic language, not Russian...." [End time] = Polish.
      15. "Dutch". = Dutch.
      16. "It sounds familiar. It is like Japanese..." [End time] = Korean
      17. "Norweggian, definetely not Swedish" = Swedish. "LOL"
      18. "Arabic" = Arabic.
        Final score: 11 out of 18.


      I'll format my answers as "guess - answer"

      1. Portuguese - Hindi
      2. Arabic - Swahili
      3. Polish - Romanian
      4. Mandarin - Mandarin
      5. Irish - Irish
      6. English - English
      7. French - French
      8. Spanish - Greek
      9. ???? - Armenian
      10. German - German
      11. Spanish - Spanish
      12. Arabic? - Japanese
      13. Cantonese - Cantonese
      14. Ukranian - Polish
      15. Dutch - Dutch
      16. Russian - Korean
      17. Danish - Swedish
      18. Arabic - Arabic

      Overall score: 9/18

      Personally I'm really surprised that I got Japanese and Polish wrong, considering I've heard those languages spoken so much. Also I guessed Arabic 3 times, with each language not even being in the same language family as each other.


      I am just going to say which one I got wrong or right. 1)wrong 2)wrong 3)right 4)right 5)wrong 6)right 7)right 8)wrong 9)wrong 10)right 11)right 12)right 13)wrong 14)wrong 15)right 16)right 17)wrong 18)wrong 9 out of 18 correct

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