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"Tôi thích tiếng Pháp tiếng Đức."

Translation:I like French and German.

September 2, 2017



oui oui! Ich also!


He's probably mixing in English too.


How does one know if its France or French or German or Germany


The form doesn't really change in Vietnamese. If you apply either to a noun then it's taken to be adjectival. You can add the word "nước" in front ("nước" means water and is a shortening of "đất nước" = literally "land and water", used for "country").

nước Pháp or just Pháp = (the country of) France

nước Đức or just Đức = (the country of) Germany

tiếng Pháp, người Pháp = French (language), French (people, person)

tiếng Đức, người Đức= German (language), German (people, person)


Is this the language or the people?


The word tiếng here means language so only the language. The word itself can also mean: sound, noise or hour.

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