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One year of Duolingo!

I have been using this site every day since the day I signed up one year ago. German was my language of choice and, at the time, I only had a very basic level. I was able to introduce myself and talk about simple subjects. But now, one year later, I can confidently say that I speak German. Duolingo's streak counter has kept me motivated to come back and learn more every day. A day never passed where I wasn't studying German. I kept a journal and wrote down every single new word duolingo gave me. I began to write stories with them, which I posted on sites like italki and Lang-8 for native speakers to correct. Every mistake I made was a chance to learn, and believe me when I say I made tons in the beginning. I've also met a lot of native speakers who have helped me by speaking to me and teaching me slang and colloquial speech. I can now watch tv, read, and express myself completely in German! I may not be able discuss advanced political and scientific topics, but my German is only improving from here on. Thank you Duolingo for the motivation to keep learning.

September 2, 2017



Amazing... I hope that's me in 12 months regarding french :)


I guess I am going o follow your trail of learning! Really really happy to find a way of learning through you! Great! Keep going on your journey of learning! Congratulations!


That's incredible. I hope I can get to a year's streak one day. I've probably had Duolingo for roughly ten months, but I can't seem to keep up my streak and, once I lose it, I spend a few days feeling no motivation whatsoever. I'll have to take a leaf out of your book! :P


What a great idea, Camilla-danesa! I add a lingot to sarahsmiles67's new streak, as well. The first thing I bought with my lingots was a Streak Freeze, and I always have one in the bank. I haven't had to cash in very many of them, but it helps me not feel like a failure when a day gets out of control.


here's a lingot for your first day of your new streak!


Ausgezeichnet! Gut gemacht!


Horrorscope, wow, congratulations, not only on your one year streak, but also on the seriousness you approach language learning with; taking notes, and practicing speaking with native speakers. Well done!

When you have an active streak of 300 days or more, you can sign up for the streak hall of fame here:



I did not know about the hall of fame. Thanks for the tip, and have a lingot!


Welcome to the 1-year club! Congrats and I wish you the best in German! :-)

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