"I eat two cheesecakes."

Translation:Eu mănânc două prăjituri cu brânză.

September 2, 2017

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Is prajituri "cakes" as well as "cupcakes", then?


prajitura is basically an all-encompassing way of saying cookies/baked goods, i don't understand why they said that its cake, cake should be torta (Romanian is my native tongue)


My gf's native language is Romanian too, and she's also confused by this. It seems to me they (Duolingo) are using tort and prăjitură interchangeably until they want to trip you up. I haven't found a pattern yet that tells me which to guess until I have the question a second time and know what they want.


Not really. See my long rant about this here.


Thank you! Really helpful to see the nuance.


It is the first time "prajituri" appears in the lessons, and in the plural form. Ho are we supposed to k ow it is a feminine noun?

And yes, prajituri are little cakes or sweet pastries to go as dessert or with tea/coffee


I can't recall the first mention but it didn't feel any unknown at this point.

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