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Duo visits her Family - Faroe Islands ( Edited-Down Re-Upload )

NOTICE : I was quite disappointed to see my original post down-voted into nothingness. I worked so hard on that post for around a week, studying the Faroe Islands, the Faroese language, and creating illustrations for my story. So here's a cut-down version of my original post, as I believe the original story was a bit too offensive for Dolingo. This story is supposed to be the fourth part of the -melliflous-'s "Duo Visits His Family Series"; you can find the other stories in the directory below :

I hope you enjoy, and hopefully this post isn't taken down so quickly like my last one. If you would like to see the original post, you can find it in the link below :

End of notice, now for the story.

Hello, and this is the story of Duo meeting with a distant relative in the Faroe islands. Duo and her relative scheduled to meet up at Tórshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands.

But before Duo flew to the Faroe islands, Duo decided to study up a bit about the Faroese language. Faroese is part of the Germanic language family. Meaning that by knowing English, Duo is bound to find some familiar vocabulary. On the down-side, Faroese is quite irregular, and has multiple cases; learning it is going to be quite the challenge. Faroese ( and also Norwegian for that matter ) derived from Old Norse; some people say it is the closest language to Old Norse alive today.

Up until in the early 1900's, Danish was still the official language of the Faroe Islands ( since the Faroe Islands are a part of the Kingdom of Denmark ). It wasn't until 1937 that Danish was opted out for Faroese as the official school language, in 1938 it became the official church language, in 1948 as the national language by the Home Rule Act of the Faroe Islands, and finally becoming the dominant language of media and advertising in the 1980's.

( translation : To the Faroe Islands!, it is my first trip! )

After a hard month of strenuous studying, Duo can now use Faroese at a basic tourist level. Only thing left to do?, visit the Faroe Islands!, and off she goes!

There it is!, the beautiful Faroe Islands. Relatively geographically isolated, but not a isolated with the rest of the world's population.

Norsemen settled the islands around the 800's, most likely coming from communities surrounding the Irish Sea, Northern Isles and Outer Hebrides of Scotland, including the Shetland and Orkney islands; rather than directly from Scandinavia itself.

During the late 9th century, more emigrants from Norway began to settle in the Faroe islands. Norway ruled over the Faroe Islands up until 1814. After the rule of Norway, the Faroe Islands then entered the Kingdom of Denmark, which it remained to this day.

Now for Duo to finally meet her distant relative. It was at this time that she met Lundin ( lundi means Puffin in Faroese ), he was a Puffin ( a common bird in the Faroe islands ). Turns out, Duo and Lundin were so distantly related, that they weren't even the same specie! But nonetheless, they were somehow still related, and planned to explore the Faroe islands together!

Look at all those houses! Did you know?, with no trees originally on the Island, all the houses had to be sent hundreds of miles overseas either pre-built or the materials to build them by ship?

Look!, it's the Tórshavn Cathedral! Along with most of the other churches on these Islands, it belongs to the Evangelical-Lutheran national church of the Faroe Islands. The history of the church is both complicated and quite interesting. During the Middle Ages, Tórshavn didn't have any proper church, and most people suggest that the people of the island used a prayer house. It wasn't until 1609 that a proper church was built. To then be destroyed in order to rebuild it again in 1798, with the timber from the original church being sold off at an auction. Some of the furniture from the old church was then transferred to the new church. Another rebuilding took place in 1865. The choir was extended by four meters in and a new sacristy was built. An office and other secondary rooms where added to the choir in 1968. In 1990, it became the seat of the bishop of the Faroe Islands and was therefore known as a cathedral.

After lots of exploring, Duo decided it was time to make her departure. She said her farewells to Lundin and proceeded to leave the Faroe Islands. Who knows, perhaps she may visit again in the future.

I did most of my studying on Wikipedia, and through videos about the Faroe Islands on Youtube. Please tell me if I mixed or screwed up any of my facts. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed!

September 2, 2017



Nothing offensive about the original story ('offensive' is not a synonym for 'disliked'!): I have up-voted it for you by one to bring it out of the hidden abyss. You probably posted it at the wrong time.

I absolutely approve of DL having a Faroese course (but Icelandic first, I feel).
I very much dislike (but am not offended by) the fact that you have given an egg-laying bird mammary glands (there's a clue in the name, there...)


What you anthropomorphized as breasts could be a full or inflated crop. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Owls don't have crops.


Fluffed feathers then if you prefer.

Owls are not green either by the way. So it's probably safe to say that Duolingo's owl logo isn't meant to be the accurate representation of a real owl.


Duo actually more closely resembles an owl parrot—very small wings, un-owl-like beak, feet completely unsuited to a predator, green...

Should the presumed claims of owlhood all turn out to be an elaborate masquerade, then Duo, as a parrot, would indeed have a crop. We can explain away the ear-tufts (head-dress) and the occasional flying (wires).


I was thinking that perhaps people could've found the original post offensive for containing consumption of whale meat. And sorry about the mammary glands, I was just focused on drawing a toony athro version of Duo, and forgot all about biology... Thanks for the up-vote though!


But they do eat whale meat on the Faroe Islands; people who don't like it from halfway across the world can go and whistle (and anyway, that is another thing that one can legitimately disagree with, but one cannot find 'offensive' unless one is, oneself, a whale). However, I think most downvoters probably don't even read the posts they downvote.
I think your original prose was fine and interesting; don't water it down on a phantasm of potential offence, buxom owls notwithstanding!


Thanks! Another reason for editing-down my post was to make it more suitable for the younger users here on Duolingo. Although I will link the original story at the beginning of my post for anyone that would like to see it.


I just updated the art to be more age-appropriate.


Please don't mistake my pedantry for prudishness; that was absolutely not intended...


how was it innopropiet???


I made Duo's breasts a little too large and revealing in the original drawings. Also, birds don't have breasts in real-life so I just decided to remove them completely from the art.


it was ok 2 me... and yeah, birds dont have breasts...


Very enjoyable post! And great drawings too, always nice to see artists on DL. :-)

(And sorry to hear your original post got downvoted, hopefully my upvote will help make sure it doesn't happen again.)


is faroe island in Scotland or is it Norwegian terrotiry?


The Faroe Islands are geographically located between Norway and Iceland, and above Scotland.


Thanks for the up-vote! Also, do you plan on making anymore Doulingo cartoons? I really enjoyed your series; they are what inspired me to draw here on Doulingo.


You're welcome! As for the Duo Cartoons, maybe. They've always tended to be sporadic, I make them whenever I have the time. :-)


Those original cartoons were hilarious. Thank you.


Jeez, you're an amazing artist and the history is amazing!

About the downvoting thing, don't let it get to you. That happens a lot with artists here, but I don't understand why. I'm actually reluctant on continuing my Duolingo manga here because of the strictness of the people nowadays (plus, I don't put my full effort into it). Still, I love seeing these things! You should show your art more! ^ ^


Thank you! Could you perhaps send me a link to your Doulingo manga? I would like to see it!


Oh gosh. Let me just prepare you that it's terrible. I basically just did sketch work, and I'm a much better artist than I show myself to be here XD. Plus, it's just two pages. But, if you really want to see it...




Those aren't terrible, not in the slightest! Sure they're drawn roughly, but you can clearly see the skill within the artwork. Do you happen to have any art accounts that you upload to?


Unfortunately, no. I don't do art accounts, though I have always thought about it. Do you?


I don't have any art accounts either. I do have a Khan Academy account that I used to upload art and games to. But it became too difficult to keep posting art there, so I decided to leave. Other than what I post on Doulingo, I keep all my art offline. Here's a link to my KA account :



AMAZING! I loved it! Very interesting! Good job!

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