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New to duolingo

I got about 5 lessons into Duolingo on my iPad, but I found myself guessing a lot, and thinking "I don't know how this got such great reviews!". So I kept looking around, and found a review of a guy that was using pictures to review... and I saw that the web version of Duolingo was COMPLETELY different! They have lessons on here! Are they not on the iPad, or can I just not find them? If they are: Make them easier to find! If they aren't: tell the user that lessons are available at a pc! Going to use Duolingo much more now that I've made this discovery, but others may give up before they make the same discovery!

March 11, 2013



We don't have an iPad version yet, but it's on the way! You can always go back to a lesson and practice. Remember that you can also hover over words and get their meaning. That might help you as you start.


Were you using the app or the browser version on the iPad?

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