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Broken Question Wont Go Away

Each time I try to strengthen skills I always receive this question:


The question makes no sense and all of the answers are incorrect, stopping me from being able to strengthen skills.

September 2, 2017



Report this to Duolingo Help


Include the screenshot and any other info you can. You will be helping us all.


Duo had announced a major new partnership with the education company Pearson. It is very reputed, famous and large. The Duo+Pearson team will make language courses tailored for those who are studying that subject in college/university. The course adapts to their syllabus, semesters, etc. I think it will only be for those who follow textbooks made by Pearson. Correct me if I am wrong.



I know this; I was suggesting Pearson as the reason for this bug, not asking what it was. I should perhaps have been more verbose.


Please help with this! There are two questions like this, one involving Votre and one involving Notre. The only recourse is to abandon the whole strengthen skill course. :/ This should be an easy fix.

Edit: This has apparently been a problem for 2 weeks?? Should be very easy to flag/remove broken questions like this.

[deactivated user]

    There has been a leakage of a premium Duolingo-Pearson course into our regular courses, causing some correct answers to not be marked as correct https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24066422/Interference-from-the-Pearson-course.

    This is so not fair. So basically a corrupt Mega-Corp is trying to take over Duolingo, and they just have to make the lives of volunteer course moderators harder by causing this kind of nonsense. Pearson should start fixing the problems they created themselves. To the course moderators, thank you all for putting up with this garbage and making our regular courses as error free as possible :).


    I hope this gets fixed ASAP because the strengthen skills button is extremely important to test a mix of skills efficiently as opposed to selecting and strengthening each course individually, which would take far longer.


    I had the same situation with a couple of questions about possessives in French. I was able to get around it by using the Strengthen option within the skill, rather than the general Strengthen option on the main page.


    I've been having to do that too now, which is extremely annoying as the words that need strengthening come from a variety of skill bubbles. I have to do each one individually now instead of simply clicking "Strengthen skills", which gives me a wide range of mixed questions that actually need strengthening.

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