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  5. "The children eat vegetables."

"The children eat vegetables."

Translation:Les enfants mangent des légumes.

September 2, 2017



I keep forgetting. Why is it des and not les? Thank you!


'les' is a definite article: 'Les enfants mangent les légumes' = 'The children eat the vegetables'

'des' is indefinite


So why des is used with les and not with je mange les légumes


des and les do not depend on each other. However in this case the English sentence is 'The children eat vegetables.' not 'The children eat the vegetables' and since there is no 'the' it is an indefinite article so we use des instead of les. Hope this helps.


Is there another word to describe vegetables in general. The English meaning of legume refers to nitrogen fixing vegatables like peas beans and lentles for instance. Other vegetables like corn, lettuce, peppers, cabbage, etc; would not be called legumes in english. Just an observation/ curiosity.


why is it mangent and not mangen?


The -ENT ending comes froms the latin -ANT ending. As to know the reason for the latin ending, ... ...


"The children eat vegetables" is not the same as "The children eat SOME vegetables in English." "Some vegetables" is very specific to native English speakers, meaning "a few, " or "a portion" of vegetables, where eating vegetables without qualifying is very general, and vague, indicating the vegetables being eaten don't matter as to type or quantity.


Yet, if this was written in French, we'd have to put "some" despite Duolingo not following that rule when writing it in English for us to translate into French.


Legumes mean the same thing as végétaux.. how come it was wrong? they both mean vegetables.

Question: The children eat vegetables

Answer: Les enfants mangent végétaux WRONG, ITS

Les enfants mangent légumes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1- Végétaux include every vegetable, fruit, plant, blade of grass and tree, while légumes is only vegetables. Using "végétaux" here would be like like using "animals" when you only mean "snakes" or "birds"

2- the children eat vegetables = les enfants mangent DES légumes.



I would like to know why Duolingo doesn't have "some" here in English, yet if this was written in French, and we were asked to translate it into English we would have to put "some" lest it be marked wrong.

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