"I was doing many analyzes and I was writing articles."

Translation:Eu făceam multe analize și eu scriam articole.

September 2, 2017

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"I was doing many analyzes" doesn't make sense, it would be "many analyses"


And "analyses" is still incorrectly written as "analyzes" after three years...


I omitted the 2nd "eu" before "scriam" and Duo rejected it. Should I report it?


Totally agree with comment above. Have never seen the word "analyzes" in my life.


The doctor analyzes [ˈanɐlˌa͡ɪzɪz] the patient.

I do analyses [ˈæn.ə.laɪ.zəz] for math.


Indeed, and the fact that "analyzes" is a real word probably allowed this error to slip through.

BTW, your pronunciation of "analyses" (the plural noun) is incorrect: it should be [ə'næ.lɪ.siːz], with stress on the second syllable.


That's how you know never to trust online phonetic spellers. Agree with your chastisement. Only yesterday learned the proper pronunciation of penchant.


The English sentence uses a wrong word, analyzes, which in this context must be "analyses", as in the plural of "analysis" (not "analyzis", as Duo implies the singular would be). "Analyzes" could be, in the worst case scenario, the American form of the 3rd person plural from "to analyze", which in the original British English is "to analyse - analyses". I think this course should be for BrE instead of AmE, as that is the original language, like Her Majesty once said, "there is only one English language". It would also avoid confusions and frustrations worldwide.


I shouldn't have to repeat "eu" before "scriam".

[deactivated user]

    The inclusion of the second "eu" counted as a mistake? Seriously ? Pure nonsense, as usual with Duolingo

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