Det vs den

Hey, I came across a sentence : 'Det er onsdag morgen'

I wondered if this is correct, as so far I understand that 'Den' is for masculine and feminine nouns And that 'Det' is for neuter nouns, But I was sure both: Wednesday and morning were masculine?

Am I missing something here? :) Tusen Takk for hjelpen!

September 2, 2017


It's the same with Swedish. I do not know why, but I know that you will eventually learn by accumulating knowledge.
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It depends on whether or not you introduce new information. If so, you always use 'det', however, if you're referring to something you mentioned earlier in the conversation, you use 'den' or 'det' depending on the gender of the object.

Example: "Det er en bjørn. Den er stor."
'det' in the first sentence introduces new information, so 'det' is used.
'den' in the second sentence refers to something mentioned earlier (the first sentence). The gender of that thing is masculine, so 'den' is used. Note that 'den' can be replaced by 'bjørnen'.

"Den er stor." vs. "Bjørnen er stor." "It is big." vs. "The bear is big."

The latter would sound weird, because you would be repeating 'bjørn'/'bear' several times, which is why one should resort to pronouns: "That is a bear. That bear is big. That bear is strong."

Similarly: "Det er et hus. Det er stort."
Because 'hus' is a neuter noun, 'det' is used in the second sentence, but it has a different function compared to 'det' in the first sentence. Note that 'det' can be replaced by 'huset', but a pronun is the preferred option here as well.

You are an absolute legend, you've made my life so much easier haha! Thanks so much! :)

It's actually really hard to explain, this one. If you say "Det er onsdag morgen" It translates to "It's wednesday morning" But if you say "Den er onsdag morgen" will it also translate to "It's wednesday morning"

But the latter makes no sense in neither Norwegian nor Danish. I can't come with a definite answer why, because I don't even know.

"Den er onsdag morgen" does not make sense if you want to say that it is now Wednesday morning.

However, it could make sense in a very specific context. If someone asked a question about the timing of an event that has a masculine noun, this sentence could be the answer:

"Når er avreisen? Den er onsdag morgen."

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