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Should I learn an easy language or a language I am curious about?

I like French because I heard it's easier than German. But I feel like I'm more into German, and that I can adjust to it faster. Which one do you think I should do? I'm deciding to stick to one for a year.

September 2, 2017



I don't think you should ever go for the "easy" language. One, because "easy" is a very subjective word; for instance, if I knew another language in the German family, or I had a few friends from Germany who could help me, I might consider German easier. Second, doing something just because it's 'easy' isn't very worthwhile. Yes, German might be harder to you, but if you really want to learn it, go for it. It's okay to put in work in order to achieve what you really want in the end.


Don't go by easy/hard. What do you want to do with the language once you learn it?


Do the one you're curious about. You'll be more interested in it. If the language is too easy, you might lose interest and want something trickier.


I'd advise you to do German because it's the language you really want to learn. Desire conquers difficulty.


Learning a language simply because it's easier for you isn't always the best option. Whichever language, whether it's more difficult or easier, you are motivated to learn, you should stick with it. If German grabs your attention more than French, you should stick with learning it. Having a motivation is an important part, and learning a language for its easiness isn't as great of a motivator.


All "easy" languages get harder. Better to choose a harder one you love or need.


Do german if you enjoy it more!


Learning languages is all about passion. Go with your heart, and learn the languages you want to learn. I can learn Mongolian since it's in the same language family with my native, it would be easier, right? However I want to learn Russian and Polish instead of it since I'm in love with them. It's also same for Norwegian.


Learning Japanese has been easier for me than most languages probably would have been, because I'm actually interested in learning it. Learn German, or whatever language interests you the most.


Don't learn a language just because it is easy. Easy is not motive enough.


German. It may take a bit longer, but that time will be better enjoyed. The language itself is also not the only factor in how easy/hard it is... motivation counts for far more.


The only times, IMO, that it's advisable to learn an "easy" language is if there is some short term goal or burning reason to learn it, OR that it's a language that's actually easy/has been designed to be so (e.g. Esperanto).

With very few exceptions, all languages will get difficult at some point, and you'll find you need reasons beyond "it would be cool to speak this language" to keep going. I think the level of ease between German and French is debatable, but both languages are, at some point, going to be a challenge or even a slog. At that point, you need something to keep you going, and the language you actually care about will likely feel much easier than the language you're learning based on a conception that it's somehow the easy one. At that point, you're liable to regret your decision. Nothing is easy if you're bored or uninspired.

The only exceptions to this, in my experience, are those languages (e.g. Ido, Esperanto, etc) which have specifically been designed to be easy to learn and use. It's possible to reach some level of fluency in a really short time in these languages, which can be a huge confidence boost and buoy one's spirits with regard to the natural languages.

Unless you have a burning reason to learn French, stick with the language that you have real interest in/passion for.


Pick German, because that is the one you are more interested in. All languages will eventually be difficult. Even if at the beginning stages one language is easier for you because of your native language or because the language has a straightforward grammar system, at some point you will realize that to continue, the language is difficult. To be able to read a novel easily requires a big vocabulary. To be able to understand native speakers talking at normal speed requires a lot of listening practice. Every language has its complications, so go with the one you most want to study.


German is easier to quickly adjust to and jump in right away, French is really hard from the beginning, or at least for me it is, When i first started learning German it was extremely easy to start speaking and writing in German............. Can't say that about French, French pronunciation and spelling is reallly really difficult......


Definally one you are curious about.


Do the one that you want it may not be easy or make sense but you'll eventually get it. That's why I'm learning Portuguese so I can talk to my grandparents and dad in their native language instead of having them learn English.


Do something that interests you, but is also a challenge.


Never take path for no other reason than it's easy.


German isn't too much harder. I know memorising adjective endings and more different word order can be annoying but there is only a small difference.

It is not as dramatic a difference as French Vs Chinese for example.


I would learn German. I've learned to only do what you want to do. Besides, German's probably a bit easier than French anyways.


I don't think any langauge is easy. I'd pick german if I were you :)


Try every language you are interested in!

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