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The real world challenge (personal story, nothing important)

I am an engineering student on a mission. I have decided to study abroad as an exchange student for a year, with hopes of attending in a University in Germany. With no former knowledge in German, I decided to take up a challenge. I'm going to self learn German.

The reason? First, it's a challenge. Second, I have hardly any time or money to spend on language courses, neither does my school provide any courses in this subject. This leaves me with the internet and my local library as my main source of information.

I will update my progress after a couple of months. This will be an interesting challenge.

September 2, 2017



Good luck. A decent textbook + Duolingo practice can give you just enough knowledge to get by in German. You can take it even further if you so choose, of course.


Good luck and may you learn the most German you can! Hopefully you'll reach at least B2. The Duolingo course for German gives you B1 level when you finish the tree.


Please do, I wish you extreme luck! One thing to remember: Don't guit, because the only person you are quitting on is yourself!


Good luck with that ^^


Good luck! This is a great idea. Also, you have found the best language learning website you could find, so congrats! Using duolingo along with some other good resources, you could probably be at a B2/C1 level when you finish the tree. Good luck with your German learning, and good luck with your future year as an exchange student.


Awesome challenge! I wish you good luck with all your studies, whether in pursuit of the German language or otherwise!

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