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Random training button

Hi Guys!

I've been doing DuoLingo on & off, but kinda want something a bit less structured compared to lessons locked by topic. I like how the strengthen button pulls everything done from previous unlocked lessons.

I've taken about 6 years of French (4 in high school & 2 in university). I can read basic dialogue and get by, but I want a bit more randomized lessons. Is there going to be a feature like this in the future?


P.S. I love the TinyCard feature that was recently added! I wish it had a random button that mixed the cards kinda like the stuff mentioned above

September 2, 2017



I up-voted.

We need a better "strengthen skills" button which really strengthen across ALL (finished) / several skills.

AFAIK Memrise mixes all levels from a course when you do watering (blue normal review).
With Cooljingle's user scripts like "all typing", I can actually review the words in the L2 target language Portuguese.

I am still focusing on Duo's normal/forward PT course instead of doing the reverse tree (I started this year, but have not continued), so I get many PT->EN translation exercises.


With TinyCards, I believe that once you have completed a deck, it then shuffles that deck if you click on the strengthen button (to some extent anyway; I doubt it's completely random).


I don't get tiny cards. What do you do with it and how does it work?


It is just a seperate flashcard website made by duolingo


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