"What do you think of his songs?"

Translation:Wie findest du seine Lieder?

September 2, 2017

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"Was denkst du von seinen Liedern" was rejected - why? - and "Was hältst du von seinen Liedern" was provided by Duo. "Halten" is not given as a translation of "think", nor is "think" given as a translation of "halten" in either of the two dictionaries I consulted.zcx


Hi KjayJ,

you need the right german preposition for your sentence. You wrote in the polite form so you have to capitalise the pronoun.

Wie denken Sie über seine Lieder.

Regards Angel


OK. How about "Wie denkst du über seine Lieder?"? Because it was marked wrong.


Hi Rusmir,

I'm not totally sure. If you talk about duolingo maybe it is because of "wie"

I'm not a teacher for german (I just speak this language^^) but I would say "Wie denkst du über seine Lieder." is more colloquial. Try "Was denkst du über seine Lieder." This should be accepted.

best regards Angel

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It was not accepted 18.08.2018


Nor on 01.09.2018. Reported.


Still not accepted March 27, 2020.


This is now accepted as of 8/25/20. Thank you for the recommendation.

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Would any of these work: "Was (or Wie?) denkst du von seinen Lieder?"? Thanks.


"Was denkst du von seinen Liedern?" and "Wie denkst du von seinen Liedern?" are both colloquial but work fine However, please note the -n for the Akkusativ plural in this case.


"Was denkst du an seine Lieder" is wrong too?


I wrote: "Wie findest du seine Songs? (copy and paste) and that was not accepted. I should write "Lieder". A "Song" is an often used expression in the German language, the word stands in the Duden and belongs to the Goethe certificate B1. I have reported it for addition.


What am I saying if I start with, "Was meinst du...."?


"Was meinst Du über seine Lieder" would be correct, but sounds strange to my German ears. Better use "Was hältst Du von.../ denkst Du von...".


Wie haeltst du von seiner Liedern ist OK. Aber warum nicht Wie denktst du über seine Lieder?


Wie hältst du von seiner Liedern is wrong.

Was hältst du von seinen Liedern is possible.

Wie denktst du über seine Lieder is also wrong.

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What about "Was denkst du über seine Lieder." Thank you.


Was denkst du seine lieder?

[deactivated user]

    There are too many grammatical niceties in this particular lesson. Duo should concentrate our attention on a few salient points.


    Even when I write exactly the same answer, Duolingo doesn't allow me to proceed. I am stuck because of a bug


    "was denkst du über dieses lied" why is it wrong? :/ thank you

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