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Sound problems

Am I the only one who has problems with the sound? I can not hear anything. In this way I can not do the listening exercises. I followed the steps about Sound Problems and I still have the same issues. I even switched between courses or used the Android application. Can you help me? Sorry for my bad English!

September 2, 2017



Actually, I congratulate you on your English. Overall, nicely done!

Problems regarding your sound issues:

How long have you had this problem?

Some browsers do not support the new sound system that duo has impart to their new (no too new) up-date.


I started to have this problem yesterday. It is really frustating. I do not know anything about the new update. Where can I see it? Or what browsers support the new sound system?


I have only heard about the up-date, not personally seen it myself, if there even is a discussion about it.

Internet explorer does not support it, but I'm 90% sure chrome supports it. I don't know bout any others. You could try safari if that's a more suitable option for you.


Two of my courses have such problem my when I want to hear the pronunciation of that word it doesn't play the problem is only for my Hebrew and UkrainIan courses the other ones are OK Does any one know what is the matter ?


Not sure. You may wanna report a bug.

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