"Tu taci sau vorbești?"

Translation:Are you silent or are you speaking?

September 2, 2017



Question: I saw in another discussion that "taci" is used to mean silent or quiet as a character trait. Is "vorbesti" therefore also used as a character trait? In that case, should an acceptable translation of this sentence be "Are you quiet or talkative?"

September 2, 2017


"taci" and "vorbesti" are both verbs (for example, "shut up!" is "taci!"), i'm not sure in what context they could refer to character traits. for "talkative" you could say "vorbăreț", and for silent/quiet, "tăcut".

September 2, 2017


Do you keep quiet, not accepted. Why?

July 19, 2018


Because do you keep quiet is translated as 'tu ramai tacut" and translated back to english "you remain quiet"

August 31, 2018
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