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Which "the" article do you use if there is no noun?

There is a video game called "The Long Dark."

Would the article change depending on the word, even without a noun?

September 2, 2017



I am not sure about your actual question but in the example given 'dark' would be the noun so it would agree with the gender of that


I assume he meant "The long dark..." with dark as an adjective.


Dark could not be adjective in that sentence, long is though because it is describing the time duration of the dark, if it had a different noun after it like the long dark alley way then I would agree with you but as it the dark is definitely the noun


Thanks. Honestly, I didn't even realize dark could be considered a noun.


The title is "The long dark". The word "dark" has to be a noun because otherwise the expression would be incomplete (the long dark .. what???).

I would translate it: Das lange Dunkel.
(Which means something like "the long period of darkness").

If "dark" were a adjective, it would have to be followed by a noun, for example: The long dark night.

This would be: Die lange dunkle Nacht.

If the word were the noun "darkness", then I would translate it as "Dunkelheit": Die lange Dunkelheit.

"Die Dunkelheit" is much more common than "das Dunkel". The latter sounds more poetic and mysterious.

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