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''Might as well'' translated into French?


This is an English expression, a bit hard to define but it's used very frequently... if anyone knows it, then how can we create a similar sense in French? Google seems to suggest « je pourrais aussi bien », but can anyone verify the correctness? It seems far too directly translated. How would we translate the following sentences?

''I might as well have stayed at home'' ''Seeing as you have already started, you might as well continue''

We can say « j'aurais dû » ''I should have'' or « tu devrais » ''you should'' as a close alternative, but it's still not the same...

September 2, 2017



"I might as well have stayed at home" = "J'aurais mieux fait de rester à la maison".

"Seeing you have already started, you might as well continue" = "Puisque tu as déjà commencé, tu n'as qu'à continuer / tu pourrais aussi bien continuer"


"J'aurais aussi bien pu [or 'fait de'] rester à la maison" is probably closer.


Thank you Fayke. I find it a bit surprising the English-French translation are so similar word for word... but either way, what matters is not the words, but the sense, which with my new knowledge I can now make.

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