"I put the cup on the table"

Translation:Nimeweka kikombe mezani

September 2, 2017

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Is ''Nimeweka kikombe juu ya meza'' also possible?


I think so ... just more emphatic about the "on-ness".


How about Niliweka instead of Nimeweka? I thought Niliweka is "I put" and Nimeweka is "I have put".


Yep. Though "I put" could just as easily be simple present.

"I put the cup on the table. The clack as the base touches the polished wood fills the room, and I realise what's been bothering me for the last few minutes. It's too quiet. A sick sense of dread runs through me as I move to the window. It's too dark to see clearly but I'm sure there's movement by the edge of the garden, too large to be an animal. They've already found me. I must not let them get the cup!"

Okay, it's clunky, but it's not wrong given the lack of context in the original sentence. So both niliweka and ninaweka should theoretically be allowed.

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