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Private messages to other Duolingo students

Hola, Previously, when I received a request for friendship or a notice of following, or a particularly interesting comment, I used to be able to go to that person's personal page and send a private message. I can no longer do this. Has this been changed or am I not clicking where I ought to? Gracias, Melita

September 2, 2017



Actually, the 'activity tab,' of what you are referring to, was removed about 4 months ago. So in answer to your question: Yes, it has been changed.


This has been changed. The chat feature has been removed. Please see all the details here.

To quote from Admin Luis,

''While we will miss many aspects of the Duolingo Activity Stream, it added a very large load on our infrastructure, has become unsustainable to maintain, and is written in old code—thus incompatible with our upcoming web rewrite. Duolingo’s performance was extremely slow (or down) today due to the stream, so we decided to remove it a little earlier than expected in order to make everyone’s current experience run smoothly.

Unfortunately, the Activity Stream was like a very old car that you have to spend lots of money and time to keep up. Instead, we decided to use that money towards saving up for a new car, which is coming soon.''


"Which is coming soon."

I sure hope so.


Thank you to all who have explained what is going on.. I do appreciate it.

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