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Contraption allowing oneself to choose how many lingots to give to another.

I think when, upon clicking the 'give lingot' 'button,' it should allow you to insert the amount of lingots you wish to give to someone else. It would make it so much easier on the person giving them. Seeing as he wouldn't have to individually click it 10-40x, or even 1,000x, to give the said amount to another user.

September 2, 2017



I agree with that! It's a bit annoying to have to press the ''Give lingot'' button 50 times when I am hosting a contest.


A tip that I've found is:

Press and hold down the Enter key.

Then click on the "give lingot" link.

Most keyboards will repeat a given key if you hold it down (e.g. if you press and hold the A key, it will type aaaaaaaaa... for you until you let go). So if you're holding the Enter key, then when the "are you sure you want to give away a lingot?" popup comes up, it gets submitted several times (because there are lots of Enter keystrokes being sent to the browser) and you'll donate several lingots from one click on the link.

That way, you can give away several lingots at once -- keep clicking occasionally while still holding down Enter and you can speed up lingot giving by a factor of maybe five..


That is a cool tip, but unfortunately, it didn't work for me. :(

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