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Bombas son malas

In a recent exercise, the phrase "Bombas son malas" was to be translated and those of us who replied, "Bombs are bad" were told the correct answer is "The bombs are bad."

After reading the following headline from Germany, I would say that the correct answer could certainly be "Bombs are bad", which refers to bombs in general, not as one group or batch of bombs.

"Frankfurt hospitals evacuated before WW2 bomb disposal."

I believe it's worth considering.

Unfortunately, there are thousands more of these bombs found throughout Germany, England and other parts of Europe as a result of WWII. Bombs are bad......

September 2, 2017



"Bombas son malas" is not right in Spanish. The correct sentence is "Las bombas son malas" (Bombs are bad). In Spanish, general sentences like this require a definite article. Look at this more obvious example:
El agua es necesaria para la vida = Water is necessary for life.


Both answers should be acceptable.

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