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I finished my High Valyrian Tree!

Hey guys, I'm really happy to announce that I finally finished the High Valyrian tree! First of all, I want to thank the High Valyrian Team for making such a great course! I enjoyed the course very much. I finished the tree in 4 days (One week after the High Valyrian Team released the course, I started it. Unfortunately, I got discouraged after only two days. Yesterday, I decided to keep on. And today I finished it! Yay!) Thanks Duolingo & High Valyrian Team!!!!!!!

September 2, 2017


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Oh hey, congrats! :D

I'm hoping they bring David Peterson's other language here, Trigedasleng.

September 3, 2017


And what about Dothraki? I've seen that language on the incubator.


Dothraki isn't one I'm personally interested in learning. But, if a team of volunteers wanted to build it, that would still be cool.

Between DJP's languages, Trigedasleng probably has the highest number of fluent speakers. I don't even think DJP would have to supervise the course building for it to get done.


Planning on visiting Azgeda any time soon? :P

Go see the sights in Polis?


A) too cold B) too city

Going to hang out with some rad effing nerds on the net from across the globe. It's warmer, smells better, and I don't have to hire someone to spoil my cats while I'm gone. ^_~

People travel in their own ways, according to our goals and means.


it worth learning high valyrian


Not really, I just did the course for fun. :)


congratulations! it's awesome that you finished it!






Way to go, man! I envy you. I'm only learning 1 language, and have not yet finished that even!

Btw, are you related to Waterpolygot, or really good friends?


Thanks! Don't worry, you'll finish it soon. Don't give up. Oh, I'm a really good friend of WaterPolyglot, btw.


Can you say something in it?? I am just curious to see what it looks like v:


Sure. If you want to say ''This honey is good'' you would say ''Kesor elilla ēngenkor issa'' which literally is ''This honey good is''


Hey well done. Do you watch anime? I don't I'm not allowed to anyways:(.

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