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Japanese "practice" available on website?!

I was just able to use the "practice" function on the website (i.e. not on the app - on the web!). This is a Good Thing: here, you actually have to type things out (it made me realize, for example, that I did not know how to spell "textbook" correctly in Japanese), so it is quite a lot harder than practicing on the app. You're also able to leave more detailed feedback on sentences. And you get that nice overview page at the end of practice that shows you all your mistakes.

I know people have been managing to use the web version of the Japanese course via their computer - testmoogle has posted instructions for that. But I use a tablet, so those instructions hadn't worked for me. This just now was effortless. (I did come to the website from doing Japanese on the app - that might be a prerequisite. We'll see - I'll report back.)

September 2, 2017



One indication that this practice isn't quite ready for prime time: I just had a session that consisted of nothing but "six", "seven" and "good morning".

とても つまらないですよ。


It's not officially out yet on the website. Hopefully, it will be later this year.


How did you manage to do it on web? Like Elizadeux said, it's not officially out on the website, and you said ''This just now was effortless''?


Yep. I think you might like the first one of these following links. ^^

My different instructions for this specific thing you've just encountered:
I just saw the ghost of Japanese Desktop (2017-08-28)

The discussion where I found out about that:
Accidentally got japanese duolingo on chrome for a short moment (2017-07-08)

My instructions you mentioned in your post (the "HTML trick") :
www.duolingo.com/comment/23192662$comment_id=23208625 (2017-06-22)

And here's the discussion where I first heard about that HTML trick. This discussion was posted a month before the beta released on iOS app. The site has changed in the time since it was posted and so the instructions no longer work, but it's an interesting discussion:
This is how Ja-En course looks like (2017-04-15)

** Edit **
Oops. It's the second link which is the most relevant to the discussion, not the first one. (See my reply below.) ^^;


I can't replicate it - dang. I just looked at your instructions again, and #1 I definitely can't do because I can't right-click.

Oh well. It's late, and tomorrow is another day.


Oh wait. Sorry, I've just realised I almost certainly misunderstood which of my instructions it was that you were referring to. You were already referring to my instructions in that first link, right? Whoops. I forgot the first link doesn't really explain how to do it on a tablet. ^^;

The 4 steps I posted in that second link explain a way to do "practice" (strengthen skills) on web for tablets and phones:

  1. Make sure both app and browser are open and logged in on the same Duolingo account.
  2. On the browser, make sure you are on the Home page of any tree in which you've completed at least one skill.
  3. On the app, switch to Japanese from any other course. (If already on Japanese, switch to a different course then switch back to Japanese.)
  4. Finally, back on the browser, click the Practice (or Strengthen Skills) button.

Worked on my phone's Chrome mobile browser when I tried it a couple of weeks ago, but I've since deleted the Duolingo app and can't test it again right now. Should work for you. ^^


Yessss! This works - that's the path I must have taken, inadvertently, yesterday, and now I know how to get there again, so thank you!

Btw, in your experience, does the web practice not have audio? That is one thing I do like about practicing with the app - so maybe I'll just mix them up a bit in the future.

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