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Sentence Correction

I've been trying my hand at making some simple sentences and would like to know if this on is right.

"Ich liebe Brot, besonders indisches Brot." (I love bread, especially indian bread.)

September 2, 2017



Ja das ist korrekt


According to my German language professor, who is from Austria, you don't really "love" bread. Culturally, that kind of "love" is more of an American thing to say. I can't speak to how widely this is agreed upon, but when I speak in class, I know to love my spouse and that's it.


What would I use?


You could use "ich liebe Brot" to state a very strong fondness towards bread. Your professor is right to use "ich mag ..." in daily usage, for Germans rarely use the strong feeling of "love" for anything else than love for humans or animals.

Anyway, you can use the expression of "ich liebe... " for things like "... my car" (Germans and their cars, a special kind of love) or a city ("... Heidelberg"). Just be sure to use it for a strong feeling (or playful exaggeration) only, else stick to "I like..."

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