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French or German?

I love board games and cannot decide between learning German or French. I already am intermediate in Spanish/Italian so French follows rules I am used to. However that can be confusing because I want to use Italian when I don't know a word in French. German is different enough that there is no confusion with past languages I have studied. I want to someday go to a board game or toy convention in Germany. There is also a local German language group that plays board games in German once a month. However French might be more useful. Any advice?

September 2, 2017



Well.. sounds like want to learn German not French, at least you didn't bring up any arguments for French other than "French follows rules I am used to".

Whether German or French is more useful depends on what you want to use it for, I don't think you could seperate it properly.


If you want to do all that stuff with the German language and go to Germany, then I say go for German. Even if it's different, it's a challenge, and I don't know about you, but I'd scoop up a challenge any time.


Well I would love to visit France also. :)


you choose! French is pretty cool though

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