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Learn French/Spanish from English or from German?

I'd like to start the french or the spanish course (haven't decided yet).
Now that I know german (enough to complete the german tree easily) I'm considering whether it would be better to learn these languages from the german interface.

Considering the grammar and the lexical resource, are french and spanish more similar to english or to german?

E.g. german has noun genders, and so do french & spanish AFAIK.

What do you think?

September 2, 2017



Personally, I find French and especially Spanish closer to English than German (as a French and Spanish learner, and German speaker). Although, German/English are both Germanic languages and Spanish/French are both Latin languages, unless you are very confident with your German, I would recommend doing French/Spanish from English for an easier route. However, I will encourage you to take the more challenging route, because you can't just stay in your comfort zone, right? And hopefully you can become more confident in your German while learning a new language.


I really think it would be more useful for me to use the german interface, after all. This way, apart from learning a new language, I'll be practicing my german as a bonus!


Danke schön!
(had to google for the umlaut :D)


If your German is strong but non-native (i.e. not perfect and therefore in more need of practising than your English), I would say, do the trees through German wherever possible. Twice the practice, and discourages one from translating to English so much.


Exactly this is the case, and I now really see no reason not to learn through german.


Have fun! I've definitely found laddering trees this way where possible very enjoyable and stimulating :)


work whichever language you choose from both english and german. you'll be exposed to a different vocab and arrangement of course material. heck, once you've chosen french or italian work german back through that language. see what happens. good luck.

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