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how do i go to the next level in polish. I have gone through 5 stages to the end .What now?

September 2, 2017



You still have 743 XP until the next level


I know i can go further i am using my samsung edge 6 to do the lessons. I have reached the trophy icon and there are no more lessons to tap on to,how do i go to the next level?


Everyday you can strengthen your skills


Practice/perfect the lessons to get more XP.

(Or move on from Duolingo if you feel you have mastered the tree.)


No. You cannot go further. All you can do is strengthen and redo your skills.


If there are no more lessons to do, reviewing and strengthening your skills can help you move on to the next level.


keep practicing and you will get better and better sooner or later you will be 100% fluent in what ever your studying


You should still be able to go into each lesson and practice .... Some people just start from the beginning again and some do it in reverse order... Or pick and choose to redo certain lessons that you may have struggled with more. It is up to you. Your xp listed under your profile section will tell you how many points you need to get to the next level. The highest level anyone can reach is 25. Periodically, formally completed lessons will be highlighted by the Duo program which calculates when you need to practice that particular vocabulary list again. Once you complete the highlighted skill/ lesson it will turn golden again. ps. You accomplished quite a goal within a short period of time if you have only been working on this for 32 days. In any case, congrats on completing all your word tree!

  • Unless Duo updates / adds new material to the language course you will have to continue to practice previously completed skills.


As I recall the 2.0 Polish tree is under construction, however its release date is unknown. In the meantime practice by strengthening your skills and redoing some lessons. That's for the Duolingo. If you're considering how to actually level up your language, I guess trying to immerse yourself is the best idea. Find some natives to talk to (I'm happy to talk in Polish if you wish ;-) ), get some books and movies... P.S. based on your nick I would guess you're the Polish native speaker yourself. If that's the case, just don't care the Duolingo level. Pick another language and start learning ;-) Yet it would take you surprisingly long to complete Polish tree, I needed 2 days for that.

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