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  5. "Io ho pochi piatti azzurri."

"Io ho pochi piatti azzurri."

Translation:I have few blue plates.

March 31, 2014



How do you distinguish between "I have few plates" and "I have a few plates"? Can this sentence mean the latter, or only the former?


"I have few blue plates" can be translated as "Io ho pochi piatti azzurri"

"I have a few blue plates" can be translated as "Io ho un po' di piatti azzurri", "Io ho alcuni piatti azzurri" or "Io ho qualche piatto azzurro".


I was wondering why the last example has a single blue plate, and then I think that I read somewhere that 'qualche' has to be followed by a singular noun, even though it might translate to a plural one in English?


You are right. "Qualche" is always followed by a singular noun.


I have few light blue plates should be accepted here because that's what azzurri means. Azzurri does not mean blue.


I wrote " I have a few blue plates " and got it wrong. ???


How does Duo know I'm bad at Tribes :(

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