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Is Duo could make you able of any language?

I had started my lessons in Germany a couple days ago, mostly 8 days, in the same I had started courses of Spanish and French. Well, I am doing good in French, I am feeling that my French language had became strengthened. I got in Duo 46 fluent in French, 29 fluent in German, 18 fluent in Spanish. But what I wanted to know is that when I come to end all the trees of the three languages, could then I could be able to read or speak or anything by those languages?, especially Spanish and German (because I started them from ZERO with absolute no idea)??

September 2, 2017



Duolingo can't make you "fluent" (however you define fluency), but it's a good starting point. It's also a great enhancer for those who are already familiar with a language.

Other sources may be necessary for proficiency, including cultural exposure/immersion. ^ ^

Also, the fluency meters on Duolingo are inaccurate and don't really measure how fluent you are in real life.


It wont make you fluent like a native speaker but it is very helpful.


Thank you for your answers mates.

I know what is the difference between a theoretical matter and the reality of it. It is true that relaying on Duo alone could not make you "fluent" as showed in Duo in reality, there is a much difference, and it depends on how that learner had practised on this language ect.. ect..

What I want to know exactly is that could DUO can reach me the levels of B1-B2 in those languages? or it may let me down away in A1? And if you have any idea of a cheap and low connection easy learning courses, I would be in a pleasure to hear about.



You may need to ask an expert about what level Duo brings you at. But, I believe it gets you to a beginner's level. I don't know for sure. Sorry!

I suggest:




I also heard Busuu is good.


thank you so much comrade, I appreciate it. have a good day !


No problem! Good luck in your languages!

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