Nivå 25

Hi Everyone!

Well, a little more over a year and a half ago, I began my journey with the Norwegian Language here on Duolingo. It took me about 6 months to get through the tree. Now, here I am at level 25.

I had a brief introduction to Norwegian from a school friend who went on to take Norwegian in college. For years, I only knew a handful of Norwegian words and sentences. Now, thanks to Duolingo, I have a much greater understanding of the language. I can read just about anything and even some Danish.

I'm not too sure about speaking. My accent is horrible. And it's a little difficult being extemporaneous. My samboer knows a woman at work who is married to a Swede who lived in Norway for 6 years and they have invited us over so I can practice. It's very exciting and frightening at the same time. Plus, I have social anxiety. If it's not a complete disaster, I'll let you know how it goes.

Thanks so much to all the wonderful people at Duolingo and the stellar folks of the Norwegian Team!

Vennlig hilsen, Aistobe

September 2, 2017


Congrats on reaching 25! That's a time intensive accomplishment.

I wonder if it would help your social anxiety if everyone was ok with you switching back and forth between English and Norwegian? My friend and I would hang out and we would switch in and out between Japanese, Spanish, and English. After a while, we slowly used less and less English, until we were mostly speaking in Spanish with the Japanese we knew mixed in. It really helped me with my anxiety. :)

Congratulations...I just reached nivå 25 in svensk...a sister language of norsk... about a week ago. Like yourself I feel very grateful to the Duo team for making these courses so user friendly and enjoyable. The difficulty level seems to be just right...challenging enough to sustain your interest, but easy enough so that it doesn't feel like work. Enjoy your continuing adventure with Norwegian...and any other language adventures to come...

Takk så mycket! Congratulations on achieving level 25 in two languages. It looks like German is not too far away.

Hei Aistobe, gratulerer med nivå 25 i norsk! Det heter "Tusen takk" eller "Takker så mye" på norsk, "takk så mycket" er svensk.

Tusen takk Berit! Operaphile lærer svensk så jeg sa "takk så mycket".

*tack så mycket

Perfect Svorsk, though!

high fives :D Congrats on reaching level twenty-five! It really shows how dedicated and passionate you are about learning Norwegian!

As for conversing with someone else in a different language, it can be a bit anxious and nervous. Consistent practice and reviewing is effective, and listening to radio (in whichever language) also is helpful. When I first started the Swedish course (which took me a little over fifty days to complete), I listened to Swedish radio almost every day, even though I could hardly understand anything (to me, it mostly sounded like "...blah blah blah och blah blah blah tá blah blah blah mycket blah....").

Good luck!

>(to me, it mostly sounded like "...blah blah blah och blah blah blah tá blah blah blah mycket blah....").

Perfect description lol

I'm still not able to understand much of what the speaker is saying, but the course has improved my skills greatly! For me, reading in another language is considerably easier than listening. ;P

Congrats on finishing your tree, and congrats on reaching level 25! And don't worry about your accent and pronunciation, you will do awesome! This is a great achievement! Good luck in Norway!!!

I don't think I'll ever have the opportunity to go to Norway, though I would love it. Thanks for the vote of confidence though!

Congrats on reaching level 25!

Gratulerer! Makin' me proud. \o/

I wouldn't be anxious about your accent when speaking Norwegian to a Swede; to them Norwegian's just Swedish with a bad accent to begin with. Enjoy the opportunity - and the company. :)

P.S.: You're ahead of schedule:

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