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How to advance more in Deutsch?


I have completed the whole German set of lessons. I started in April 2015. All of the lessons are gold now. I took it pretty slow, as you can tell. I still do not feel ready to communicate with someone in German. I can't even understand anything in news.google.de! I need some ideas on how I can advance my German skills (reading and writing only, since I am deaf).


September 3, 2017



try this site:


as its name states it is a site of news for children, it has very basic German.

If you have chrome download the ''google translate'' add-on, which will give you instant translations when you mark a word and from that go to read some subject (I suggest from wikipedia) or news that you find interesting and soon you'll learn many words while entertaining yourself.

I wish you success!!

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You can start by posting comments in German in these German topic discussions. It helps me a lot because I have to review things like What gender is this noun, what case is this in? In other words how do I write a comment without sounding too stupid. What word would be best here? Then ask for corrections and/or improvements to your writing. If you know sign language; that makes you bilingual to begin with. Viel Glück!


Try reading some Märchen or Gedichte! It can also be useful to caption videos in German for more reading practice. Best of luck!


Hast Du Facebook Freunden? Du kannst mit ihnen schrieben.

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Hast Du Facebook Freunden? Du kannst mit ihnen schreiben.


Um Gottes Willen! Ich hab' eine große Fehler gemacht! ;-)

slamRN - Gut gemacht!

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sweilan, ich wusste, dass du traurig sein würdest, wenn niemand deine Beiträge sorgfältig las. ;-) Please correct me anytime! Danke


Ich denk', dass Du wahrscheinlich fehlerfrei Deutsch schreiben kannst.

Immer hab' ich gedacht, keiner liest meine Beiträge. ;-)


Ich hätte eigentlich irgendwas gesagt wie:

Hast du Facebook-Freunde (die Deutsch können)? Du kannst darauf mit ihnen (beim Schreiben) kommunizieren.

„Mit ihnen schreiben“ klingt mir, als ob man eine Geschichte oder was ähnliches mit seinen Freunden schreibt, statt man (um zu kommunizieren) an seine Freunde schreibt.


hallo.ich bin amir. ich komme dem iran


You can get a pen pal with a native German speaker, there are many apps. I like conversationexchange. You can also take many of the courses in dw.com, they have audio, but they also have subtitles and they include the manuscripts.

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Try these:

You should also consider buying books:

  • Graded Readers, simplified books with exercises (ELI, CIDEB).
  • Educational Children's Book (like "Was ist Was").
  • Word puzzle (look for "rätsel" and "kreuzworträtsel", specifying "ab AGE").
  • Comics, just choose your favourite character and buy the German version.

When you feel more confident try also mantaining a journal or writing short stories or articles (like the plot of a movie you watched, the description of a news event, whatever you fancy) asking a native to correct it and, of course, try practicing regularly with said native.

Good luck!


Hi drtiny.
Would you mind removing the parts of your comment specifically regarding "listening"? I ask this because the OP JoelGat specified:

reading and writing only, since I am deaf


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Oh, I'm sorry I didn't read that part, I just went on autopilot listing all the things I usually link to people asking for resources to learn. My bad :)


That's alright. There are quite a few of these posts requesting further learning resources, so I think you can be forgiven for going on autopilot :)


I'm currently reading the Harry Potter books in German. That's really helped me. Maybe you could find a book (or series of books :) you enjoy in English and get the German translation, then read it with the original and a dictionary to hand (for emergencies only! :P ). Hopefully that can spice up your German learning and help you past your current plateau :)

Viel Glück, viel Spaß und viel Erfolg!

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