"Ce este un tocilar?"

Translation:What is a nerd?

September 3, 2017

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i am 79, live in South Americas since 30 years, speak only spanish ( and french) every day. have contact with english-speaking people maybe 1 week per year altogether, don't have english TV, don;'t have any contact with young people of any language and I don't know what a nerd is !! i think it could maybe mean somebody who is only interested in studying ? then i am a nerd !


Does this word (tocilar) have another meaning?

(Also, interesting that none of the other courses have any similar sentences/words.)


The Chinese course has a similar sentence except that instead of "nerd" they go for the Japanese loanword "otaku".


In British English we would say 'swot', to mean someone who is very studious. A few decades ago when i was at school (though things may have changed now), the act of revising was known as 'swotting' or 'swotting up on'. 'Nerd', i think, is more modern and more American, and refers to someone who tends to be very interested in things such as science, computers etc. Difficult to categorise, for me at least!

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