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  5. "Ik lees en zij leest ook."

"Ik lees en zij leest ook."

Translation:I am reading and she is reading too.

September 3, 2017



How do I tell the she from they. I put I read and they read also. It should be she.


I think you can tell by the verb form. Zij lezen-they read and zij leest-she reads


From the leest. It's always contextual. For they, it would've been lezen


I read and she reads too..why is it incorrect?


Because of the verb form. If you say "she reads too" its "zij leest ook". But for "they read too" the verb for read changes to lezen so its "zij LEZEN ook". Thats how you tell


I just love that little word ook. Every time I see it, it makes me chuckle. Sounds like someone getting a sudden fright!


I put "ze" instead of "zij", and Duo marked it wrong. Do you know why? Zij and ze are not interchangeable? Thank you

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There is a natural emphasis on "zij", because a comparison is made between "ik" and "zij". So you have to use "zij" in this sentence.


So do we use "Zij"/Jij only when we have Ik?


No, you can use the emphatic versions in many situations, not just when contrasting with Ik, but if there is no purpose to the emphasis, then zij/jij sounds a bit formal. Ga jij naar de stad? is fine, but Ga je naar de stad? sounds more normal and relaxed.

Duolingo puts great explanations in the Tips. The Tips show up when you click on a Skill. Many Skills (but not all) have these Tips. Always read the explanations before doing the lessons.


There are no light bulbs or lessons on my mobile version


No but in some cases, you can interchange. In the others you need to keep in mind the tone in which the word has been used. Was that stressed (zij) or unstressed (ze)


Zij can be also they why is not allow???!!!


Look at the verb; zij leest = she reads Zij lezen = they read

usually when the verb ends with "en" it's going to be referring to 'they [zij]', and if it ends with "t" it refers to 'he/she [hij/zij]'


I am reading and she is reading too... and getting marked wrong... is that not correct?


It is accepted, see above. What kind of exercise was it?


It was translate sentence exercise in Stress pronouns... yes the answer is correct but it kept telling me was incorrect... think it must be a glitch in the application... I triple checked against the correct answer... and this module refuses to go gold... just did it again... and got through successfully this time... but the module remains green not gold...


If it happens again take a screenshot and post it here.


How to upload a screen shot... it just did it again with Ik ben een man en Jim ook... I am a man and you are too... I am using Android phone app... I will see if I can post it with Windows... but that won't be until later... thanks for helping.


You need to upload it somewhere and send the link as you report it, I think.


If the verb doesn't have a -t or an -wn at the end, does that make it the I conjugation form?


Well, yes and no.

Let's take slapen

Ik slaap

Je slaapt

Hij/ze slaapt

We/jullie/ze slapen.

But.... If in your sentence the verb comes before je, then the -t is dropped:

Slaap je? (For example).

Hope this helps!


I put 'I am reading and she reads too' why is this marked wrong as both verbs are in the present tense.


One is in the present continuous and the other in the present simple.


How do I know is it is I am reading and I read


What is the difference between jij and je ..i don't understand


Neither of those words occur in this exercise.

But see elsewhere in this thread if you were intending to ask about zij and ze.


"And so is she" sounds better but is not accepted


"- and so is she" would be more like "- en zij ook". Because Duo put the verb in he is looking for you to do so too.


OK thanks for that Sean.


This question is bugged


"I am reading and she is also reading" is flagged as wrong, but I don't see why - there's really no semantic difference between that and the "correct" answer, at least in English.


Looks right to me. You can report it, but it takes months if not years before anyone reacts to the reports.


i read and they read also - is this wrong?


It is wrong. Read the comments.


It marked the phrase incorrect, but surely, "I read" is the same as "I am reading" when translated to english.


How to tell it is 'zij leest okk' or ' zij okk'?


I wrote ''hij'' and it was accepted. It shouldn't.


I am reading and she reads too - marked incorrect??


You are not reading.

Please read El2theK's post.

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