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Off to France!

In a few minutes, I will do my lesson for the day and then head off for France for vacation, which will include a week's immersion starting on Sept 10. Thanks, Duolingo for preparing me for this step. I know I am not ready for the speaking/listening well, as opposed to reading, but as they say - a journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. My only question is if i end my streak tomorrow at 237 days or on Sept 10. (I tried to end it once before by taking a day off on the anniversary of 6 months in the program but for whatever reason, it continued). It has to end as I want no English during the immersion. Regardless, upon my return I will start a new streak as I do not want to lose what I've learned. In addition, i hope to continue with speaking/listening work elsewhere. (I also have a desire to perhaps try to learn a little Gaelic. Sigh - so little time.) A bientot!

September 3, 2017



Level 25 in French? Congratulations! Give us some advices. Niveau 25 en Francais? Bravo!Donnez a nous quelques conseils


Bon courage et bonnes vacances !


Vous semblez apprendre bien le fran├žais


Good luck and have fun!


Good luck, have fun and update us all when you get back! :D


Bonne Chance!!! You are so lucky to go to France!!! Be sure to see the Eiffel Tower... :D

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