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How do students log back into a classroom?

I have multiple problems with classrooms. A. After a student joins they're stuck in a Spanish for English Speackers course even thought the classroom is setup as English for Korean Speakers. Walking very low-level students through removing Spanish and adding English all in a foreign language is unmanageable.

B. How do students log back into duolingo after joining!? So classrooom code qmwne, create a new account Name : Bob Password: 12345. Do a couple lessons. Close. Next class duolingo.com. Username: Bob Password 12345 (invalid username or password)

C. When students join a classroom it creates duplicate accounts. I have 2 Bobs in the class now.

I was super excited about using this but this is pretty much unworkable for me at the moment.

September 3, 2017



A: Your settings for your classroom, and your students' settings for their accounts, and separate. Your classroom settings determine which part of your students' activities you'll be given reports on. Your students still need to choose the language course they want to study. If you're having to repeat the same instructions a lot of times, it's probably time to produce a guide sheet for them.

B&C: It sounds like each time your students use Duolingo, they are following the instructions for creating a new account. Once they're created the account the first time, they then simply need to log in, rather than clicking the "get started" button.


I have a very long screen by screen android/PC/Iphone presentation. I used it today. It took nearly the whole class period (over an hour) to get everyone setup. I don't think I'll be using duolingo in the class after this.

If a student is creating an account to join a classroom doesn't it make sense to default them to the language course of that classroom? Especially if they're not English speakers.

Also you can register to a classroom without using an email and with any name and proceed with the course. However, It makes it impossible to login again after registering. Using that same login name and password again doesn't work. I'm Sure Duolingo creates some crazy unique username like bob09712310273 but it doesn't clearly show this or give any instructions on how to use this to login. Certainly my students won't remember that.

Also still getting multiple duplicate student records. Hmm, Duolingo classrooms sounds great but if I can't get it working fro college level students I imagine it's impossible with anyone younger.


Also still getting multiple duplicate student records

Then you need to teach them:
Click on "I already have an account" instead of "Get started"


Some good ideas in there.

A tip that might help your students in the meantime is to send them to a URL with their first language in it... for example https://ko.duolingo.com/ will make Duolingo show up in Korean for them.


My students are going to the link provided by Duoling to join my classroom when they try to log in the next day. They are clicking on "already have an account", but when they put in the user id and password they just set up yesterday, it says it doesn't exist. What are we doing wrong?


It's hard to know what's going wrong without seeing your screens. Things to check:

  • Are your students putting in their original passwords that they were allocated, or are they putting in the new passwords they chose for themselves?

  • Are they getting the usernames and passwords exactly correct - capitals, spaces, etc.

  • If you're using the Apple app, are you absolutely sure that your students are using the screen for people who've already got an account? It's very easy to end up accidentally trying to create a new account.


In addition to the good advice of hughcparker:

A. .... After a student joins they're stuck in a Spanish for English Speakers course .........

To register in Duolingo, you have to give them the URL for the course "English for Korean speakers":


That may be a solution. Still believe it's a major design fail that creating an account to join a classroom doesn't just default them into the class course. Instead I have to make them register independently and then manually add them to the course.


Still believe, it's a major design fail that creating an account to join a classroom, doesn't just default them into the class course.

Duolingo (www.duolingo.com) is designed for using by individual students.
"Duolingo for schools" (https://schools.duolingo.com) is added a few years later. It is only a service designed for teachers to see the results of the students, to give them assignments and to customize your students' Duolingo experience.
That is a completely other approach than you want to have. Personally, I like the Duolingo approach.

Only use Duolingo's web version (https://duolingo.com) to teach a language.

  • In the web version your students have to write the words.
  • In the App your students mostly have to click on predefined words. In my opinion, a student cannot learn a language in that way.

www.duolingo.com is also working fine in the browser of a phone or tablet, if you use a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome.

I think, students are capable to discover the App by themselves, without the explanation by a teacher. That will save much time in explaining Duolingo in the classroom in your first lesson.


Still believe it's a major design fail that creating an account to join a classroom doesn't just default them into the class course.

There's some code that attempts to do that. It appears it might be failing miserably in some cases. When the students report that they got a Spanish from English tree instead of English from Korean... do you know if those students signed up on mobile devices, on a computer, or both?

Thanks for all of the details. This thread is extremely helpful.

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