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duolingo is awesome.still i am not following the conversation on spanish in movies.what should i do?

September 3, 2017



It says you've only done 3 Spanish levels so your vocabulary will be nowhere near enough to understand everything. I'd recommend that you finish the tree so that you have a good range of vocabulary and then practice your listening skills. And it takes ages to get good at Spanish listening. I struggle a lot of the time and I'm at a B1-2 level. I'd just recommend once you're ready to practice your listening skills, bombard your ears with Spanish and just watch loads and loads of Spanish videos, films etc.


Well you are level 3 which is like nothing. Finish the tree and do other stuff, don't rush it though. You have to do a lot of repitition, and watch movies (even though you understand nothing, you gotta get used to the sound), read (after you've mastered the tree) and find a native speaker who is willling to correct you and stuff. c:


You are only in level 3, so I suspect you have finished only the first lessons. You need more vocabulary before you understand actual conversations. Keep going on! ¡Sigue adelante!


no i had another dulingo accound,,,, and thanks for your reply


Duolingo will only get you to A1 or A2 so you really need to be doing stuff outside of Duolingo to aid your studies like getting a Spanish textbook or a more advanced online course.

To specifically improve your listening skills once you have all the actual grammar/vocabulary skill I would suggest listening to spanish music like constantly becaue it trians your brain to recognise and distinguish the words/sounds. Native speakers just listen to people talk for about a year without understanding much before saying their first word.


What is A1 or A2 ? ~ in UK it means A-level ... which is pretty advanced!


I would start with audio books. Especially the ones for children. Just try to choose stories you actually like. You can read and listen in the same time and once you understand the content you can start to only listen (That was what I did in French).

There are even audio books in a digital form which you can install on your computer. They allow to adjust the speed of the spoken word. (Very useful for Spanish because they speak so fast).


Keep listening. Put the SPANISH (not the English) subtitles on. It takes a while.



are you learning Spanish from scratch? Your 1st Romance language?

Here you can get familiar with some language similiarities: http://how-to-learn-any-language.com/e/languages/similarities/index.html
On the left side of this great homepage you can choose a language and read some details about it.
DuoLingo has 25 levels (XP), and the tree might keep you busy for +-1 year (or you rush through...).

BTW: How can you expect to understand (fast) spoken Spanish with only a few finished DuoLingo skills in your tree?

DuoLingo is IMHO not the greatest in teaching intermediate/advanced course content (e.g person dialogs, real context, longer complicated nested sentences, etc.) for learning languages you may have been learning since years (e.g English).
I want to suggest to learn (in parallel) some Spanish vocabulary on 3rd party flashcard software like Memrise or AnkiSRS, SuperMemo, FlashCards Deluxe, (DuoLingo Tiny Cards).
Those use a different spaced repetition (SR) algorithm than DuoLingo does and reviewing short-term (4-5h/12h/24h++) recently learned vocabulary ((ALL words from a skill) or phrases/sentences is more effective than to put those words for 1-2 weeks byside.

In my thread (ton's of links, including other Spanish user created threads) I saved some links of online Spanish courses from other threads or suggestions: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24285073

I wish I had found a good online Portuguese course since the beginning, which is structured more didactical and focuses much more on teaching required grammar / vocabulary for speaking, and less learning a bulk-load of vocabulary in a fixed tree skill sequence I am hardly ever going to use for a real conversation :(

However, I have the same complain for re-learning vocabulary with "DuoLingo user-created clone courses" on Memrise with free selectable levels (=Duo skill).

After finishing my Memrise + 50languages courses + DuoLingo tree my next goal is to find and focus on upper-intermediate/advanced course content.


awesome.... and good luck with the course

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