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  5. "May I try the hat on?"

"May I try the hat on?"

Translation:Можна поміряти шапку?

September 3, 2017



My translation is: чи можу я приміряти цю шляпу?


Чи: thanks, wasn't accounted for, added

Приміряти: thanks again, the version with "при" was not added

Цю: I think it's not accepted because there is no "this" in the English sentence

Шляпа: in the dictionary it's marked as spoken, colloquial; the proper word would be шапка or капелюх (also added)


So, now "Чи можу я приміряти цю шапку?" is accepted.


Can you explain the "чи" here?


"Чи" literally means "or" or "whether". It adds politeness and makes the question not so abrupt (compared to "Я можу приміряти цю шапку?"), especially if it's the first thing you say to a person and not a part of a long conversation :)

Kind of similar to the effect of using conditional tense in English, I guess? Like using "could" and "would" in a sentence to sound polite.


Why is it "шапку" and not "шапка"?


As the object of the verb, the noun “шапка” (which is in the nominal case here) has to change to be in the accusative case (the “а” becomes a “у”).


ok, thanks. I don't see the accusative form yet.

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