hours spent

hi has it been possible to visualize the hours spent in exercises since the beginning ?

Thank you in advance

September 3, 2017


I'm not sure if that would be awesome or depressing!

But yeah, I've never even heard of them considering it so I guess we'll never find out!

Ha I see your point there, It would probably convince me more to go get a life and use Duolingo less XD

Eh. I'm a gamer. So it's either Duolingo or PS4. I know which one is less.. uh.. lame? I dunno

Me at the end of the week if they had that feature: Okay, let's see how many hours I've been on this week!

The hours spent on duolingo: 169

Me: I:

That is not a feature and I personally have not heard of any plans to implement somthing like this

[deactivated user]

    A really rough way to gauge how much time you've spent? Create a classroom and invite yourself as a student to the classroom. On the individual student page you can view an activity log, you can cut and paste this into a spreadsheet. I did mine and with a bit of messing about I got an answer of 84 hours. This would mean per lesson, per test or per practice I took 9 minutes on average.

    Timestamp picture

    This is, however, only a rough way. The accuracy of the result depends on how you do the lessons. You'll only get one log as per the classroom language. The activity log only gives one timestamp per event. I made an assumption that the difference between each event would be time spent on learning. I eliminated some higher values and negative differences. The negative differences would occur when the dates changed. When I didn't have a value then I used an average from the previous couple of lessons.

    so I find it by deduction ...110 XP 8523 XP..about 96 hours I am proud of myself and my persistence ;)

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