"See you at school."

Translation:Ne vedem la școală.

September 3, 2017

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Please explain this one. I was taking it to mean 'see you at school' i.e. 'I'll see you at school' now I'm confused as it looks this is 'We see you at school' except the ne would point to 'us' or is this a reflexive verb? Otherwise it looks like 'we see us at school'. Or is this an idiom??? Thanks in advance.


A more direct translation will make this clearer, I hope: "We'll see each other at school."
I think the default translation provided here aims to conserve the idiomatic nature of the sentence: "see you at school" seems like the most natural way to express it in English, much like "ne vedem la școală" is the most natural way to express it in Romanian.


Got you. So you don't say I'll see you at school, as it has to be both of the people involved in the pronoun.


is the ne necessary?

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