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  5. "Я чув , що там дуже холодно."

"Я чув , що там дуже холодно."

Translation:I heard that it is very cold there.

September 3, 2017


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Hear or heard?


In English, "I hear" is kind of an idiomatic expression meaning "I hear people talking about it", "I've heard it being said", kind of, "I hear it regularly", thus present tense. In Ukrainian we don't use present tense like that, we don't say "Я чую, що...", that would imply you are hearing it at the very moment. Therefore, in this special idiomatic case, "Я чув" can be translated as "I hear" and vice versa, because it's not really literally about hearing, it's about one's knowledge taken from gossip/news/etc.

Different versions of this sentence are given to users, sometimes with "heard", sometimes with "hear". So it must be that you got one with "hear", and the other user got one with "heard" :)

[deactivated user]
    • Hear = чу́ю
    • Heard = чу́ла (feminine), чув (masculine) or чу́ло (neuter)

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    Sorry, your answer is irrelevant. Please check the case carefully.

    [deactivated user]

      For me, the English text says ‘heard’ (Past Indefinite tense), and the Ukrainian text says ‘чув’ (Past tense, masculine), so the two texts match:

      How I see the sentence

      If you see any problem, it would be helpful if you describe it in more details.

      Duolingo is available on many different platforms, so it’s quite possible that we see different things.

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      When I was doing the exercise Duo did not accept 'heard'. It only accepted 'hear'. Sorry for the unclear report made before.

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