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Hey, I have a question about clubs...

Hey, it's woof. I am the admin of a Japanese club, and I was wondering if I left my club, would the club cease to exist, or would another user become admin, or would there simply be no admin? I was thinking of leaving mine, but I don't want to stop it's existence. Thank you!!


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September 3, 2017



wait club as in on doulingo? if so i did not know that was possible. if it is would you mind telling me how?


Do you have the app? It is only available on the app only.


ahh ok no i dont have the app


There won't be an admin. I'm in a Swedish club that was left by its admin a few weeks after he/she had created it and the club still exists today (about half a year later or something). We don't have an admin, which has disadvantages as inactive members more or less stay in the club forever, but otherwise it's fine:)

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