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"Hoelang zijn we al aan het wachten?"

Translation:How long have we been waiting already?

September 3, 2017



I interpreted this as "How long have we been waiting" because without the "als" wouldn't it be "How long are we waiting". But my answer was marked wrong.


So I have seen, Dutch using the "present simple" to discuss what English would place in the "future tense" . ie: Onze bruiloft "wordt" een groot feest! Our wedding "will be" a big party

Is this an example of Dutch using the "present simple" to discuss what English would place in the "present perfect"?


But we also use present simple in English for things that are happening in the future (when plans are made):

The plane leaves tomorrow morning.

Classes start at 6 pm on Tuesday.


What about "how long have we been waiting so far"? I haven't tried it (because in word bank mode) but that sounds much more natural to me, in British English


Quite. "How long have we been waiting already" is a nonsense phrase that an English person simply wouldn't use.


"Ik ben aan het wachten" means "I'm waiting" and when used with certain time expressions "I've been waiting." The Dutch tend use 'al' (which in this context means "already") with the 'aan het' continuous to imply annoyance. That's why it often gets translated as "already."

Here's an example without 'al':

A television network announces the return of a tv series tomorrow. Someone responds:

Jullie weten niet hoelang ik hierop aan het wachten ben.

You guys have no idea how long I've been waiting for this.

It doesn't express annoyance but rather excitement and anticipation.

Now here's an example with 'al.'

Someone orders a pair of trousers from a clothing store. (For the example, I'll use a fictional name). The order was supposed to arrive in the mail in 3-4 days. 13 days later the clothing still hasn't arrived. Now the person is a little annoyed. They comment:

Echt al bijna 2 weken aan het wachten op één broek via Lozanda.

Honestly. Been waiting nearly 2 weeks [already] for one pair of trousers from Lozanda.


Some English speakers have expressed that 'already' doesn't sound natural in English.

What word or phrase would you add (in place of already) to the above example to express your annoyance?

"Hoelang zijn we al aan het wachten?" How long have we been waiting for [already]?

What word or phrase would you add (in place of already) to express annoyance?


Why isnt is "hoelang waren we al aan het wachten"?

The given sentence doesnt have any past tensey words


Seems the same (and more common), "how long are we already waiting"


Unless I am mistaken, we are not trying to translate exact wording, but for a common meaning.


Another NoGo, "how long have we waited already"


have waited = hebben gewacht

Hoelang hebben we hierop gewacht? How long have we waited for this?

Hier heb ik mijn hele leven op gewacht. I've waited my whole life for this.


How long are we already waiting Which is what Every English person would say is rejected. Shame

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