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Multiple Languages

Hi! So, I'm really trying to learn German, because I love Germany and I love the language itself. But in school, I am taking Spanish, as there are no German courses in my school. Anyway, I was wondering what everybody's opinions are on my question: How many languages is it possible to learn at once? Is it possible to try and learn two languages at the same time? Comment below your answer/opinion, I appreciate all the help! :)

Edit: Thanks for all the replies you guys! I think I'll work mostly on Spanish with German as more of a side language. Danke and gracias!

September 3, 2017



spanish and german are pretty different languages i would say it is safe to do! as long as you can handle it. pretty much whatever you prefer. i am doing german to so hallo und guten tag!


Possible? Sure. Would I recommend you do it? If you can handle it, perhaps. Given that you have to do well in school and you are taking Spanish there, I'd say focus on that for now and pick up German when you think you can.


Well, probably depends on your language skills. Anyway, I would not recommend learning two pretty close languages at the same time,like Spanish and Portuguese, you might mix things up. In that sense, Spanish and German is a good combination, they are from different language groups, Romance and Germanic.


Yes you can do it im doing multiple at one time but it takes a lot more work im lucky that i have a lot of free time


It's possible to learn as many languages as you'd like at once.

It's possible to learn two languages at the same time.

German and Spanish are fairly different, so after awhile you shouldn't be mixing them up too much. I'm learning German currently, myself, and Spanish is my first language! Wilkommen, und viel gl├╝ck!


Im taking German, Spanish, and French in school. It is possible if you want it to be, Just focus on learning and have fun.


I think there you can learn multiple langauges at the same time, it just matters how much time and investing goes into it, I'd say, learn one for now, once finished, go onto another one, it is possible though but it will take longer, And you cant except high results if you were studying that one langauge, thats my opinion


It has to be possible, then you are learning three languages too. Or? : )


I'm doing the exact same thing and it's going great! A+ in Spanish, and my German is more of a hobby, but it's doing great.

Just do it, it's really easy. You're capable.

You can learn as many as you want. But less is more. I would stick to 2-4 languages max.

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