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  5. two questions for you all.


two questions for you all.

for one, can you request a language? i really wanted to learn arabic but can't find it anywhere and i would be really happy if they came out with out soon. for two it is safe to do two languages at one time right? because i am doing two but don't want to mix them up or something. i am doing German and French, pretty diffrent languages but still just wanted to be safe.

September 3, 2017



Welcome to duolingo! Congratulations on joining the most awesome website on the world wide web! High five!

Question one: Yes, you can request a language, but only on the forums. Not only that, but considering how many posts have been made asking for Arabic, don't make another one. The forums have been pretty clogged lately, and staff doesn't need another request.

Question two: That really depends on yourself. Personally, I get mixed up with French and Spanish despite their dissimilarities, but not everyone does. If you don't, then it is perfectly okay to do two languages at one. If you do get mixed up, concentrate on only one, and when you finish with that one, move onto the next.

I hope this helps!! Good luck with French and German! May the force be with you :)


Wilkommen! Seems like the questions you asked have already been answered, so good luck on your language learning endeavors!


Hi, welcome to Duolingo! If you would like to request a specific course on Duolingo, please see this detailed guide if you haven't already:

You can also apply to contribute to a course via at here: https://incubator.duolingo.com/apply

Do whatever works best for you. Sometimes, it's harder for some people to learn multiple languages simultaneously, while others can easily learn more than one language without too much difficulty. A suggestion would be to set your daily target to a certain amount of experience points you feel comfortable with reaching each day (you can always earn more XP than your daily target).

If you would like to start a new course, here are all the courses (other base languages included):


Bienvenido, eso depende de ti, pero yo pienso que Duolingo es solo para practicar y tener tips, de resto tienes que ir a un instituto de idiomas, leer, escuchar y ver pelĂ­culas en el idioma que quieres aprender. Greetings from Colombia


ahh you dont speak much english do you? emir studios


thank you woof high five back!!!(:



Home is where all your lessons are.

Words are where you can see the words you have learned (Only available for Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, )

Discussion to post questions. Depending on the language, put the discussion about that language. If it's in English just put it in the Duolingo forum. Troubleshooting is for if you have a technical problem.

Labs is a trial thing. There are two things in it. Stories, available for Spanish and Portuguese, you can read and interact with some stories. Recommended for experienced learners. Events is for older people to make an event with real people and talk or whatever.

Your streak is how many days you go on in a row.

Lingots are the currency (gems are on the IOS) that you can use in the store. There isn't currently much to buy, but someday there should be.

In your settings you can go to profile to change description, profile pic, username, password. In settings you can also change your daily goal of xp or whatever.

A tip to learning: Stay dedicated. Don't quit, it's only a loss for yourself. See how high you can get that streak and see how far you can come in a language!!!!


When I started, I too decided to learn both French and German. It helped that I already had a base in French from school. The two languages are pretty different, so I don't think that you'll have any trouble mixing them up. It really depends on how you learn best. Some people can't learn more than one language at a time, while others have no problem learning dozens. Try it out to see which way works best for you. Both, in my opinion, are equally good ways. The important thing in the end is learning the language/s, not how you learn them. Good luck with your language learning journey!


cant believe it!! i am learning french and german now!! kinda funny we both started the same!!

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